Survey Results – Part 4: Websites NESTs Use

Part 4: Websites NESTs Use

This post is a part of a series based on a survey done of ESL teachers in Korea.  Here are the others: Part 1: Dating & Downloadables, Part 2: Lifestyle and Pets, Part 3A: Hakwon vs. Public Schools Quantity/Quality of Resources, Part 3B: Hakwon/Public School Workplace Happiness.

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I got a short post for you today as I know you’re all busy mid-week.  We’ll be looking at what websites get used by hakwon teachers and public school teachers.  Why split the data like that?  Because it’s fun to see what differences, if any, exist.  Take a look.


Hakwon Teachers Versus Public School Teachers

Some huge numbers here in terms of the websites hakwon teachers use versus public school teachers.  Check out this graphic:

Public Schools versus Hakwons on website uses.

There are some huge differences in where the two groups hang out.  Obviously the big one is  I think it simply means public school teachers are more likely to go be using their online time to find resources whereas hakwon teachers are more likely to be there to use forums and chat with others.

Men Versus Women

I thought it might be fun to cut the data other ways, so I thought it’d be interesting to see which websites men and women NESTs go to.  Here’s what I got (listed in descending order of greatest disparity)

The differences in website use between men and women NESTs

Anyway, I’ll let the above numbers speak for themselves and ask you guys to try and explain what’s happening here.

Questions: Why do you think public school teachers spend more time on sites like Korea Times, Korea Herald and and hakwon teachers spend more time on Twitter, Dave’s ESL Cafe and Facebook? Why is the Marmot Hole four times as popular amongst men than women?  Why is Gusts of Popular Feeling over three times more popular amongst men than women?


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